Shilapravang (mauktikyukta) for curing diabetes naturally

Shilapravang Special

diabetes-cureMany of you are suffering from diabetes actually this is the disease which is very common nowadays. Whether it is male, female or old people, all are suffering from diabetes. This is a very common condition still there is no cure for this disease but, through some natural and ayurvedic medicines and remedies, you can balance the increased levels of blood glucose. Yes, I know medicines are there but they can’t-do anything. Medicines do not have that much potential. But now you don’t have to worry because today through this article you will get one remedy which can help you to manage the blood glucose levels.

Diabetes-Types-There are two main types of diabetes type-1 in which your body does not produce insulin and type-2 in which the body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin it produces does not work properly. If you have any of these types, you can use Shilapravang. Shilapravang for diabetes is the best remedy.

Shilapravang for Diabetes

Shilapravang Special.By the end of this article, you will also gain knowledge about Shilapravang (mauktikyukta) for curing diabetes naturally. Shilapravang for diabetes is the best remedy because it is herbs and minerals containing medicine. It is the best remedy for diabetes and also for urinary tract disorders.

Yes, this is the benefit of ayurvedic remedies that you can cure many diseases with one ayurvedic remedy. Shilapravang is indicated for a diabetes cure in Ayurvedic treatment. Through this remedy, you can also cure urinary tract disorders, difficulties in urination, urinary retention and premature ejaculation. Because stable blood sugar means no sugar or no carb cravings, the even stubborn weight starts to reduce with balanced blood sugar levels and this can happen if you consume Shilapravang.

This remedy is also helpful in the treatment of male infertility due to psychological causes. Complications of diabetes like burning sensation in hands and feet, debility, Weakness and fatigue or excessive thirst can be cured with the help of Shilapravang.

diseases..2It can increase strength, it can give you relief from burning sensation, it pacifies kapha doshas, it is diuretics and it can increase the urine flow. It treats prameha also. This is a tonic which has the abilities to cure mental diseases. It increases mental power, vital energy, and eyesight. It has natural aphrodisiac which can increase sexual power. It can increase the quantity of semen.

Shilapravang is useful in begin type of Prostatitis. It has a very good effect on urinary and reproductive systems. This remedy can give you relief in stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue. It has the abilities to balance the Vata, pitta, and Kapha.


This is the something which you should understand if you want to know the reason behind the effectiveness of Shilapravang for diabetes. Shilapravang for diabetes is the ultimate remedy which you can use because it contains lots of natural ingredients. It has

  • Shuddha Shilajeet 
  • Praval Pishti
  • Vanga bhasma
  • Mouktik Pishti
  • Suvarnamakshik bhasma
  • Kapoor
  • Vanshalochan
  • Elaichi
  • Guduchi satva
  • Gokshur

These are the ingredients which make this remedy so potent and constructive. So, what do you think is the medicine you are using better than Shilapravang? There are no medicines which can work better than any Ayurvedic remedy. This is safe and side effects free but still, you have to take care of its doses.


dosageWhenever you start using ayurvedic medicine, consult with your doctor first. The safe dose of Shilapravang is 1 or 2 tablets once or twice a day after meal with water or milk. This medicine contains many mineral ingredients so it is not safe for long-term use. Always take its recommended doses. Use Shilapravang for diabetes also for other diseases and stay healthy.



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