Naturally obtained products are of great significance

They have tremendous applications in biological as well as scientific world. Though there are large no. of natural herbs yielding the various essential values, we cannot explain all at once. So we are concentrating  on only one herb and that is “Tinospora Cordifolia’ which is commonly known as “Guduchi” or “Giloy”. Giloy has great significance in medical and research field. Due to astonishing result of these plants in medicinal field, researchers started to take lot of interest in these types of plants. They have not only found that they have surprising medicinal value but also they could extract some purely active compound such as alkaloids, steroids, lactones, aliphatic and glycosides which cannot be made in laboratory in such a pure form. After long and heavy research , researchers have confirmed that it has medicinal properties like anti-diabetic, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-malarial, anti-oxidant, anti-stress, immunity protector and booster and much more which are also mentioned in the scripture called Ayurveda. These plants are found at high altitude and generally grow in winter and summer. The stem that contains a gelly like substance is used mainly in medicinal property.

After tremendous research, researchers put many medicinal properties of Giloy that also resembles to the property that is mentioned in Ayurveda.

Biological active compounds that are derived from Giloy such as lactones, aliphatic, glycosides, alkaloids, steroids etc. can be used as anti-malarial, anti-oxidant, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-diabetic and many more medicinal properties.

Many properties of Giloy are:-

Immunomodulatory  Property

Active compounds like N-methyl-2-pyrolidone, N-formylannonain, 11-hydroxymustakone, syringin, magnoflorine has been found to have satisfactory  immunomodulatory and cytotoxic effects. They boost the phagocytic activity of microphages, production of reactive oxygen species in Neutrophill cells, increase in Nitric oxide production by stimulation of microphages and splenocytes which is indicative of anti-tumor effects. These compounds  also increase the strength and production of immune  effectors cells.

Anti-diabetic property

The stem of Giloy is used to cure diabetic issues by controlling the glucose level in blood. Diabetes is generally caused due to increased glucose level in blood. It promotes insulin secretion and with help of insulin and it regulates the glucose level in blood. Alkaloids, glycosides are major phytoconstituents that help in regulate the sugar level and control diabetes. Oral treatment with root’s extract helps in control glucose level and promotes secretion of insulin. The root extract substance have been found that it regulates the glycosylated hemoglobin. It controls glucose level in blood, urine and lipids in tissue which results into significant decrease in weight.

Anti-Toxic property

It shows protective effect by decreasing acid reactive substances and increasing ascorbic acid, proteins and the activities of anti-oxidant with the help of enzymes in kidney. It extract help to protect liver damage from lead nitrate. Protective extract from stem and leaves helps in fighting toxicity of lead. It contains compound that can be treated as anti-cancer drugs and can be used in bladder and liver.

Anti-arthritic property

Mixture of Giloy and ginger has been used from long time to treat rheumatoid arthritis in traditional method. Giloy has been observed to affect the differentiation and mineralization of bone and finds its application as anti-osteoporotic agent. Alcoholic extract of Giloy has been proved to increase the growth of osteoblasts, increase the differentiation of cells and mineralization of bone matrix. ECD extracts from Giloy has been found to increase the thickness of joint cartilage in significant amount.

Anti-HIV property

As we know that HIV cannot be cured till now but Giloy has some effect on this too. TCE is a substance found in Giloy which decrease the resistance of HIV and help in increasing therapeutic result. Anti-HIV effects of Giloy has been observed and are used in wider application in management of HIV disease.

Anti-cancer property

Anti-cancer effects has been studied in mostly animals. TCE has been observed to be a radiation protective substance as it increases the body weight, tissue weight and blocks the harmful gamma radiation. In earlier radiated species TCE affected radiation affected cells and then declined the level of radiation. TCE has been shown to decrease cell viability, increase LDH and decrease GSH S-transferase activity. DHT in TCE has been observed to increase the growth of human androgen-sensitive prostrate adenocarcinoma cells . Detoxification enzymes and significant increase in the activities of hepatic makers and decreased serum transaminanse level proves its anti-tumor property and useful application photo chemo preventing drug for HCC. TCE can reduce the tumor yield, tumor burden, tumor weight and increases phase 2 detoxifying enzymes. Result of hydroalcohlic  extract of Giloy highlights the useful application in chemo preventive role of Giloy against carcinogenecity. Giloy has more advantage over doxorubicin treatment in people affected by toxic side effects.

Anti-microbial property

Methanol  extract from Giloy have found to have capability against microbial infections. TCE functions in bacterial clearance and improves capacities of neutrophils.  It have been also showed that hydro-methanolic extracts of Giloy helps in treatment of enhanced phagocytic of polymorphonuclear cells in bovine subclinical mastitis.

Anti-Oxidant property

It reduces effect created by the free radicals and promotes anti-oxidative property. It also reduce the toxic effect by free radical formation. It lowers level of malondialdehydes and  ROS and higher level of GSH and all thiols. The protective propery of Giloy can be seen with higher level of anti-oxidant molecules and enzymes. A little increase of concentration if TBRAS in brain and decrease in heart has been observed in mice having diabetes.  Treatment with Giloy  restores glycogen in liver. Giloy has been observed to regulated glucose in blood. Liquid part of Giloy helps in protection from sub-lethal gamma radiation and radioactivity. The leaf extract has been observed to have anti-oxidant and hydroxyl  radical scavenging phenomena. Pepticare is a herbal medicine prepared under Ayurveda helps in anti-ulcer and anti-oxidant usage. Dihar is a herb that is made from 8 different herbs and is used in treatment in anti-oxidative property and it decrease serum creatinine and urea levels in diabetic patient.

Effects on other diseases

Providing proper treatment with Giloy dependent on dose, significant decrease in infarct size and lipid peroxide of serum and heart tissue is observed. Microphages activation by cytotoxic  T cells which results to leucocytosis and improved neutrophil function. Alcoholic extract of Giloy has been observed to enhance bone narrow derived macrophages.   Decreased plasma recalcification time  and increasing release of lipoprotein lipase enzyme is obserbed by the usage of polyherbal preparation of Giloy.

Giloy has a traditional importance in Ayurveda and have been used in treatment of jaundice, cholera, fever, malaria, dengue, diarrhea, skin diseases, cancer, asthma,  fracture, pain, snake bite , eye problem and many others from a long time. It is abundant in nature and can be reproduced according to need. It will be available for lifetime if used wisely and if it is finished you can grow another one. Giloy has numerous benefits without having side effects. It can cure your diseases and will also improve metabolism of your body. It can be used  regularly as it improves the immunity of body which helps in providing resistance to other diseases and you would never fall ill easily. So, you should start to use giloy as essential part of your daily life.