Is coffee beneficial for gout patients?

gout patient for gout remediesDespite its long history, gout remains a major public health concern, with an increasing number of people suffering from an extremely painful condition. Gout has also been related to increased incidences of cardiovascular metabolic disease. This complex form of arthritis is characterized by the onset of sudden and severe pain. Fortunately gout is treatable and there are prevention measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of developing the painful condition. Gout is common form of inflammatory arthritis- a condition that affects the joints musculoskeletal system. It is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in men, and although it is more likely to affect men, women become more susceptible to it after the menopause. The condition is characterized by sudden and severe pain, redness and tenderness in the joints. gout footThese symptoms occur when uric acid, a product of metabolic processes, is deposited in the form of needle like crystals in tissue fluids within the body. Uric acid is also known as tophi, can also form as lumps under the skin surrounding the joints. Uric acid is also collected in the kidneys, sometimes resulting in kidney stones. Gout usually bothers you in attacks. An attack typically develops quickly over a few hours. It usually causes severe pain in one joint. The base of the big toe is the most commonly affected joint. Walking can be very painful and even bedclothes can hurt. However, any joint can be affected. Sometimes two or more joints are affected. Affected joints usually swell and the nearby skin may look red and inflamed. If left untreated, a gout attack may last for several days.

Coffee benefits in gout attack

Coffee not only gets you moving in the morning, but it also provides numerous health benefits, including being rich in anti-oxidants and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition to these benefits, coffee might also have a positive effect on gout, a painful form of arthritis. Increasing your coffee intake might lead to lower levels of uric acid in the blood. According to studies people who drink four or more cups of coffee in a day had lower uric acid than non- coffee drinkers. It’s not clear that why coffee lowers gout risk. Coffee is major source of strong anti-oxidants, phenol chlorogenic acid that may affect gout risk. Coffee is a habit of almost 60% people who drink, on average 2 cups per day. Here are some more benefits of drinking coffee-

  • Cut the pain
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Protect against cirrhosis of the liver
  • Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lowers risk of Alzheimer disease
    Coffee drinkers have less risk of heart diseaseThe key is moderation, which is typically 2-3 cups a day to get the coffee health benefits but avoid over drinking to stay away from the negative issues associated with too much caffeine.