How to use cayenne pepper and cure herpes?

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All About Herpes

You all know that herpes is the most annoying disease and everyone is dying to know the perfect cure for this disease. This is the disease from which many people are suffering. There is no cure for herpes till this date but, the outbreaks you can get in this disease can be cured by using certain types of home remedies. You will get a cure for herpes outbreaks by the end of this article.


Herpes is the most common condition and the list of affected people is increasing day by day. According to studies total 70 percent people are suffering from herpes in the States of America and they (researchers) are thinking that the list is increasing with the passing days. It’s not that people are not doing anything to cure this disease, they are. But the method they are using can’t give them any satisfactory result. Want to know why? cold sores on lips

Medicines can’t cure any disease of its root and also be using medicines can give harmful side effects. Do you know why? There are no medicines without side effects according to studies. Now the question is what next you can do? There are a lot more that you can do to cure the herpes outbreaks. But before that, you have to understand this is a highly contagious disease which can pass very fast from one person to other.

types-of-herpes-1Herpes disease is caused by herpes simplex virus and the diseases which are caused by this are dangerous. Herpes simplex most commonly causes oral herpes and genital herpes. Studies show that three out of five people have genital herpes. Because of this statement, if you are thinking that genital herpes is more dangerous, you are wrong because a recent research shows that oral herpes is the most complicated condition.



Symptoms of Herpes

Oral herpes can cause brain infection and eye herpes. In both the conditions you can get blisters which are ugly, itchy, inflamed and painful. To treat them there are so many medicines, topical treatments available but, they are not as effective as natural treatment. Natural treatment is the ultimate treatment which can cure these types of sore very effectively.sign of herpes

We have so many remedies which can cure herpes outbreaks efficiently.  But there is one remedy that can work magically and that is cayenne pepper. I know what are you thinking, you must be thinking that how chili can cure the outbreaks of herpes? Read below and you can get your answers.

Cayenne Pepper for Herpes

There is one more name by which cayenne pepper is called and that is paprika. This is known to burn fat and you can also use this as a pain killer because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cayenne pepper is red chili which has so many health benefits and by using them you can cure lots of health complications. Cayenne pepper is very beneficial for herpes patients who are experiencing outbreaks.

Cayenne-Pepper2Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which helps in treating herpes blisters and pain. There are so many studies which show that using the spice can help you to get rid of herpes sores. There are almost 50 percent people who said that this is the most effective treatment. Apart from its powder form there are also ointment and cream available which can be applied to the affected area of the skin two three times in

a day.

How To Use Cayenne Pepper for Cold Sores

If you consider using cayenne pepper, you have to mix one teaspoon of this powder in one glass of warm water. Drink the solution throughout the day. This will give you very effective results in just a few weeks. But you have to follow this procedure correctly otherwise you can get side effects too. Apart from treating herpes it can cure lots of other health complications such as ulcers, improve blood circulation, boost immune system, aid digestion and shingles.

It is used as a tonic for heart, kidneys and lungs. Cayenne can be used as a general to cure the initial level of cold, shingles and swollen lymph nodes. Most commonly it is used to prevent heart disease. This is the most effective treatment which has so many benefits.


This is the best aid for herpes outbreaks because there are many studies which show that using cayenne pepper in herpes outbreaks is the ultimate treatment option. Try to use this spice to cure herpes outbreaks and get relief from itching, burning sensation, and pain. I think this clarification is enough for you to understand the fact that cayenne pepper can work far better than any medicine on herpes outbreaks.