Effects and side effects of Karela Jamun Juice


karela-jamunYou all know why you hate bitter gourd which is also known as karela (in Hindi). This is the bitter vegetable which has so many health benefits. Nowadays this is very surprising that bitter gourd becomes everyone’s favorite. Your mother, just like my mother, told you to eat this vegetable because it has so many health benefits.

Today in this article we will discuss the effects and side effect of Karela Jamun Juice. Yes, I know both the ingredients are very effective at their level but sometimes best treatment can cause side effects. So, it is very important for you to know about the effects and also the side effects of karela and Jamun juice. Let’s start with knowing about these ingredients.


bitter-gourd-teaKarela is commonly known as bitter gourd, bitter melon and much more. This belongs to the family of melons and grounds. People dislike this veggie only because of its bitter taste. But, this is the veggie which contains so many nutrients and benefits.

It is said that karela is a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins. Karela contains lots of iron, beta carotene. These are the twice quantity of broccoli. Karela contains potassium which is higher than a banana. Besides this karela has more calcium than spinach. I know this is quite impossible to accept but this is true.


JamunJamun is usually known as Indian blackberry, java plum and black plum. This is mostly used in Ayurvedic medicine to cure many health conditions.  Jamun is a part of the Myrtaceae family and apart from its fruit, the bark, leaves and seeds have many amazing properties.

This is the most effective fruit than any fruit. The vibrant colored Jamun has a tangy sweet taste. Jamun has acidic nature but this it also has so many health benefits. This fruit is enriched in carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

The effects and side effects of karela and Jamun are very important to know because then only you can prevent any health complication from occurring. So, let’s see the benefits of consuming karela and Jamun juice.

diabtes..1. Diabetes cure Karela and Jamun juice is the perfect remedy for the diabetic patient. This is the juice which can lower the blood sugar levels. These are a combination of alkaloids, peptides, and saponins. Karela is very helpful in treating insulin secretion; prevent frequent blood sugar drops and spikes.

what-is-cancer2. Cancer cure– Both karela and Jamun is the perfect treatment for cancer. I know you must be thinking that if you have so many medicines which can maintain this condition, why you try this juice. But Karela contains a unique type of chemical in the form of 16-dehydroxy. The basic work of his chemical is to protect cells from becoming cancerous.

3. Immunity- Karela, and Jamun both are natural antioxidants which enhance the body’s defense mechanism by combating the disease. These factors help the body to protect from occurrence serious health complications.

Digestion14. Digestion- The active ingredients in karela enhances the healthy digestion. Apart from many benefits, karela is a natural anthelmintic property which protects the gum from inseminations.

So, these are some effects of karela and Jamun now let’s see some side effects of this juice. Although, there are very few side effects of Jamun individually karela has many.  Karela can cause miscarriage. Yes, this is possible if a pregnant woman drinks this juice, she can face this condition. Karela can cause irregular heart rhythm.

This is proved that if you drink bitter guard juice, you can face the condition in which your heart will not beat correctly. This can affect your liver. This is quite shocking but, this true that consumption of this juice can damage your liver.  If you drink bitter gourd juice for the long term, it can elevate liver enzymes.

karela jamun juiceOn the other hand excess eating of Jamun can damage your lungs and some layers of stomach because it digests too slowly.  It can enhance gas and cough formation. To prevent any of these conditions, you should eat this with black salt or rock salt.

So, now tell me are you satisfied with the details of effects and side effects of karela and Jamun juice?  I think this is enough for you. These are some details which help you to understand more about karela and Jamun. It is not that you can’t drink this, you can but for that, you have to be careful with its dosage. Other than this you can consult with your health care provider before you start consuming this.