10 Home Remedies to Cure & Control Dandruff

10 Home Remedies to Cure & Control Dandruff

The condition of dandruff primarily doesn’t lead to emergence of serious health concern though it can cause lower self-esteem, stress and could be embarrassing. Most often it is stubborn that doesn’t easily go away. It is actually a common scalp problem which can affect any person at any age. Though, dandruff typically doesn’t cause any signs and symptoms but sometime it could be reddish and can cause itchiness. The condition of dandruff is related to numbers causes including dried skin, excess use of shampoo, fungus infection, psoriasis, eczema and allergic reaction to certain things.
Though there are numbers of treatment options do available for treating this condition but it is often hard to get rid of it. However, using natural ingredients have shown abundantly influencing in treating the condition of dandruff. People do believe that dandruff can be controlled if the patient follows the right treatment at right time. We care for you so I have decided to mention some extremely beneficial home remedies that would world for sure but to see some effective results you need to have patience because natural ingredients take time to provide effective results.

Baking sodause baking soda for dandruff problem

Baking soda should be considered as the great home remedy for dandruff. It has mild exfoliate influence that abundantly helps in erasing dead skin cells from the scalp. Not only baking soda is helpful in erasing the dandruff but is extremely helpful in inhibiting the formation of dead skin cells. It prevents the buildup of the flakes and diminishes the reddish area from the skin.

Coconut oil 

use Coconut oil for dandruff problemCoconut oil is an enormously essential ingredient for the management of dandruff. No matter what sorts of dandruff you have it will work properly. Direct application of coconut oil on your scalp and on your hair has immense positive influence. Doing this not only repairs the damage caused by the dandruff but also helps in nourishing the skin and scalp. It has potent natural antifungal properties which kill the fungus and soothe the dandruff caused by the fungus. However, you need to apply coconut oil for at least 7 to 8 weeks to get effective result.

Apple Cider Vinegaruse Apple Cider Vinegar for dandruff problem

 People do use apple cider vinegar for fulfilling their different purposes but very less people know that it can be also used in managing dandruff. Apple cider vinegar holds the potent antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents that are immensely helpful in managing the condition of dandruff. It is also helpful in opening clogged pores and heals wounds more quickly.

Olive oil 

use Olive oil for dandruff problemOlive oil holds potent anti-dandruff agents that not only helpful in eliminating the condition of dandruff but is immensely helpful in nourishing your scalp and hair. It promotes the growth of hair and makes your hair less prone to dandruff like skin condition. It has high amount of antioxidants which protects your cell from the damage of free radicals. It immensely assists your skin cell not to get dead and this prevents you from flaking of skin.

Indian LilacUse Indian Lilac For Dandruff problem

Indian lilac has been used since ancient time for different sorts of skin issues. However, most of the people do not know that Indian Lilac can be also used in defeating the condition of dandruff. It is blessed with potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which are immensely assisting in managing not only dandruff but other skin related problem too.

Tea tree oil

use tea tree oil for dandruff problemWhat you need to know about the home ingredient named tea tree oil is that it has numerous potent anti-dandruff agents which work for best. The potent anti-fungal properties found in tea tree oil have sufficient potential to eliminate any fungal infection including dandruff associated fungus.

Yogurtuse yogurt for dandruff problem

Yogurt could be also a better option to treat the condition of dandruff. Yogurt carries extensive amount of good bacteria called lactobacillus that are highly effective in managing the condition called dandruff. Lactobacillus is also called probiotics help us to better deal from dandruff by preventing scaling of scalp and inhibits the growth of bad bacteria.

Lemon Juice

use lemon juice for dandruff problemyou might ask here a question that how lemon juice can assist to treat dandruff. Well this is because it has potent acidic properties that have the sufficient potential to erase bacteria ad funguses which may cause dandruff.